Community - Blog One
MAIP has shown me the value of having community that understands you. With my multicultural peers, there's a sense of shared experience and wisdom that only comes from being in the communities we hail from and its honestly magical.
I think being surrounded by such awesome and supportive and strong peers has helped me develop those attributes in myself, not only have a grown more confident in general, I've grown more confident in standing up for what is right and being the person in the room who is willing to take a stand.
Growth - Blog Two
Something very important that MAIP has shown me is the power of advancement that is in my reach. By giving me the tools and knowledge to grow myself into a smarter and more career savvy person, MAIP has given me the ability to pass that on to my family and friends. Not only am I tricking out all my friends resumes and setting them up with a linked in, I can give them more knowledge of the career opportunities available to them and help them grow.
In addition, I've become a big proponent of NOT going to portfolio school. I knew nothing about the advertising industry when I graduated a few months ago and honestly I feel like I've learned enough for portfolio school to be superfluous. I don't think the debt that students are putting themselves into is worth it at all and I feel that awesome programs like CampAd, MAIP, Open House, and the tons more that came out this summer can give students an excellent foundation and education in advertising - without portfolio school. It makes me happy to see that the gap in education and finances is narrowing with these free programs and I really hope they continue on.
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